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Myself Pooja aka Nirali. 'Nirali' is the name I have given to myself by combining all the adjectives I see in me, good or bad, all-inclusive. A yr back I discovered my hidden talent of writing (writing my thoughts, my emotions, my empathise, weaving stories). In a true sense, I discovered the way to pour out my soul through words. While playing the roles of a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend, and a human...I am trying to be Me. Me.... who loves to giggle and mingle, who loves to share, who loves to love, who loves her imperfections, who loves to learn, who loves music and tapping her feets, who loves her not so curvy body. In all who loves herself. Follow me here

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Twinkling Star

How we bind our girls as soon as they become 'old enough''s time to set our girls free from all those outdated customs.

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I Am Woman By Gender But Human As An Entity

Why do women ask for 'special treatment' and a special day as International Women's Day? Here's taking a closer look.

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An Open Letter to Sushmita Sen: ‘Auntie’ Is Just Another Word

"Auntie" is not a shameful word, Ms. Sushmita Sen. Please learn to embrace it. 

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Karan Johar Says He Won’t Objectify Women, But How About The Rest Of Us?

While Director Karan Johar apologised for item numbers and objectifying women, how about a wake-up call for us, the audience?

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Yes #MeToo. But These Decent Men Showed Me It’s All About The Upbringing

Most of us have faced sexual harassment, and we dread the idea of taking a lift from strangers. What happens when one woman is compelled to?

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Shanti, The Angry Woman [#ShortStory]

“I am not creating a scene here Abhay you are creating it and that too intentionally. See - you are still that old, dominated, sexist Abhay. But, worry not, I too have not changed even a bit."

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for one day
Why It All Happens Only For One Day!

#Poetry. Women's Day, Mother's Day, Friendship Day ... we celebrate these days for ONE day, and then we go back to our discriminatory, suppressive ways!

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contraceptive methods
My Mom Almost Died Due To Contraceptive Complications – Time To Break Taboos And Talk Contraceptive Choices?

It is important to be aware of all the pros and cons of the contraceptive methods you choose to be safe as far as any possible complications.

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facing the truth
Facing The Truth… Can I? [#ShortStory]

"He started hitting and abusing me as slut, and said go and sleep with anybody, but bring money, I want money from you, that's why I am allowing you to step out of this house.”

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mama or papa
Never Put A Child In A Place Where They Have To Pick Which Parent They Love More!

Children love whoever loves them - and their love is transparent. Why put them in a difficult spot by asking them, "Who do you love more, Mama or Papa?"

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Princess Diana
Lady Diana, The People’s Princess. A Strong Woman Who Lived Life On Her Own Terms

Princess Diana. She passed away in 1997, 20 years ago today, in a terrible car accident that has spawned hundreds of conspiracy theories.

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“What’s So ‘Poor Thing’ About Being Unmarried?” [#ShortStory]

A chance encounter with an old acquaintance makes a woman realise what truly supporting your daughters means - it's time more parents did this.

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“But Why Is He Still Sleeping?” When Rest For Women Is An Imaginary Thing

Why is some rest for women so hard to come by, especially in joint families? Do you think women are machines?

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become independent
Yo Ladies! Stop Being Dependent On Your Spouse, And Start Fighting For Yourselves!

Become independent in every way of life like Sunita does, with the help of her husband. Read on to find out how.

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an abortion
When I Had An Abortion, This Is What I Learnt About Taking Care Of Myself

Abortions are undergone on an average by 1 woman out of 3. Here are some precautions you need to take in case of an abortion.

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