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I am a dietitian by profession,blogger by passion. I regularly blog on health,fitness and mental and physical wellbeing.For more such interesting articles watch this space.

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Raise Boys Better For Future Men To Understand— No Means No

They had a verbal spat, and then Madhu sat down and thought and realized what the main issue was. Rohan usually had a habit of listening yes from her. The moment she disagreed with him, he got angry.

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Demerits of Crash Dieting
7 Ways In Which Crash Diets Can Harm Your Body

What exactly is crash dieting? And why is it so harmful for your body? Here's what you should know.

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Dear Husbands, If You Take Better Responsibility At Home, No Wife Will Need To ‘Nag’!

Interestingly, when a man asks a woman to do something for him, it's called a 'request' but if she reminds him of a chore not done it's 'nagging'!

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Is ‘Happy Woman’ Really A Myth?

Men need to change their perspective towards women. Let us live the way we want and stop loading us with your expectations.

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Umm…The Problem Is My Spouse Loves Me ‘Too Much’ & I Feel Suffocated!

Since no two people are alike, what seems like claustrophobic for one might be love for the other, especially if your spouse is clingy!

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Does Marriage Take Away Your Freedom?

While it's essential to spend quality time with your partner, it's much more important to give each other some me-time and much-needed space as well.

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Facing A Heartbreak? Here Are Some Steps To Help You Get Through It!

Heartbreaks are without doubt, painful but it is possible to deal with it and rise strongly from the experience.

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5 Health And Diet Tips For Women In Their 30s

40s have become the new 30s now, but it is also important to take care of your health as you grow older to be fit in your 50s and 60s too.

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Love Or Respect – Which Is More Important In A Relationship? Why?

Since a relationship is always a work-in progress kind of thing, boundaries need to be worked on time to time. What does that say about respect and love - which is more important?

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Couple laughing
Why Humour Is The Strongest Glue Holding A Relationship Together

Laughter is the shortest distance between two hearts and a gift you find at unexpected places. Hilarious is the new hot.

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