Nikita Sengar

Having the academic qualifications of an engineer, I am more of a wanderer at heart. Exploring people, places and experiences life offer is what I love most. Proud Misfit, Nature lover, Feminist, I strive for bringing creativity in my work. Occasionally you will find me playing with words and colors, and into the books.

Voice of Nikita Sengar

small office
Create A Modern Small Office Space With These 5 Interior Designing Tips

You want to create a well designed, modern office space that is efficient and pleasant. What better than these 5 tips for a modern small office?

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5 Great Ways To Enhance Productivity In Your Business

A healthy business is a productive one, but it’s not always easy to make sure everything is running at maximum efficiency. To ensure you keep turning a profit, take advantage of these five tips to boost productivity and morale throughout the office.

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Breaking Barriers
Successful Women Are Breaking Barriers By Setting Their Priorities. What About You?

"How do you ensure work-life balance?” is question that certainly gets asked to every successful woman out there. Women entrepreneurs at our Breaking Barriers event series had some good answers to that.

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Sonal Singh Is Building Rian Placements As A Boutique Search Firm In A Competitive Market

Circumstances prevented Sonal Singh from continuing in the corporate world, but determined to continue working, she has created a second career, with Rian Placements, an executive search firm.

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Arushi Aggarwal’s Handmade Products Bring You Dadi’s Quilts In A New Avatar!

Love handmade products that draw on India's legendary wealth of craft and workmanship? Check out Arushi Aggarwal's The Initiative range of hand-crafted products.

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Is Your Child Glued To The Mobile? Richa Mamgain Pant Has A ‘Sporty’ Solution!

With her initiative to make physical activity fun for children, entrepreneur Richa Mamgain Pant draws on her own experience as a mom who's children were getting glued to devices.

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“It’s In The Wild That True Beauty Lies”: Check Out Shabia Walia’s ‘Wild Products’

Meet Shabia Walia, the woman behind Wild Earth, which believes in creating skincare products that are in sync with nature.

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When Glory Gets Objectified Even As We Celebrated #ICCWomensWorldCup2017

Why is that regardless of women's achievements, we must always first look at them as beautiful bodies for others' pleasure?

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