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wife on leave
Wife On Leave? Worry Not, My Dear Men, Here’s A Restaurant For The Likes Of You!

A Varanasi restaurant called W.O.L tells men to eat there if their wife hasn't cooked, (W.O.L = wife on leave), implying that there is no need for men to cook, even today.

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Why Is ‘Pleasing Us’ Our Daughters’ Duty?

Indian parents are experts at guilt tripping their kids, especially their daughters, who grow up into girls low on confidence.

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an equal marriage
So You Married A Good And Loving Man, But Does He Make All Decisions For You Too?

A letter from a mother to a future daughter, telling her how she can have an equal marriage and be her own person. 

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mean girls
Those ‘Mean Girls’ Of Our Childhood – Did Patriarchy Make Them This Way?

Mean girls are not born, but are products of a patriarchal society that gears girls towards pleasing men, and competing for their attention!

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no time to workout
No Time To Workout? 7 ‘Sneaky’ Ways To Get More Exercise Into Your Day

A typical day for a woman might be too busy to have a dedicated fitness routine. With no time to workout, here's how you can manage it.

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I Know I Must Follow My Passion To Succeed. But I Don’t Know What I Am Passionate About!

Why should we try to find our passion? What can change as a result? How do we go about it? Read on to find out.

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This Entrepreneur Is Making A Robot That Paints Nails – And Also Challenging Women To Code

Entrepreneur Harpreet Singh Walia ('Pree') is building a company Preemadonna whose first product is a nail painting robot. But there's so much more happening alongside! Find out.

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identifying as a feminist
Yes, I Am A Feminist, But…

There is almost a stigma attached to identifying as a feminist, people often misunderstanding the simple premise of feminism - equality for all.

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birth photography
Birth Photography. These Women Photographers Capture The Intense Emotions Of Childbirth For All Eternity

Birth photography can help you capture the beauty and intensity of birth, and is revolutionary in a country where family is expected to keep outside the labour room!

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grad school
6 Everyday Lessons That An Intense Grad School Degree Program Taught Me

While getting a degree from Grad school overseas, this young woman also learnt some crucial non-academic life lessons, that she shares with us.

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That (Imaginary) World Where It’s Absolutely OK To Report Harassment

Women are told to report harassment promptly - but does the world we live in make it easy for women to speak up against harassment?

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