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Neha Singh

I am a proud mom to two beautiful little boys, loving wife to a darling man, and a grateful daughter of wonderful parents. Before taking a career break to be a stay at home mom I was an English professor, teaching literature and language in various colleges in Delhi and Bangalore. A dreamer by nature, a traveller by intent, a lover of beauty in all its forms, an armchair revolutionary and a voracious reader. These are all aspects of me but they are not all of me.

Voice of Neha Singh

Everything Returns During Vijayadashami…..My Parents Will Return Too!

An emotional story about a boy who hopes that everything would return during Durga puja, even his dead parents.

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Going Home At Last, Slowly Breaking My Links To This Life

While I go about my life, my mind still imagines me looking much younger than my eighty years. I haven’t really made friends with the white haired woman with the prune like face I see in my mirror.

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daring to fly
Could She Ever Forgive Her Mother For Sacrificing Her Happiness To ‘Tradition’?

When she reminded him that even as she studied for her boards and engineering exams, she had cooked all the meals in the morning and taken care of the house work, he exploded, calling her ungrateful and dismissive of her wifely duties.

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mother with a newborn
Keeping Your Cool As A New Mom – Here’s What You Need To Know!

A freshly minted mother with a newborn baby needs me time as much as the next person. So ladies, stop feeling guilty about it!

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