Neha Singh Batra

Neha is an erstwhile copywriter and corporate communications specialist. An avid reader, editor of all that she reads, part time trainee, full time friend and gym junkie. Feels strongly about women's issues and a registered supporter of UN's #heforshe program for women.

Voice of Neha Singh Batra

Songs To My Unborn Child [#Poetry]

Instilling a sense of freedom from stereotyping by gender begins early. Here is a mother telling her unborn child to be free and not be tied down by these!

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This Is Why You Must Watch The Movie ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’: It’s Real

A reader writes why we all must just go out today and watch Angry Indian Goddesses- because it's real.

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Convex: The Perspective Of A ‘Curvelinear’ Woman

Why do we feel the need to judge women who are larger than we think 'normal' should be? It's time we became more accepting of people as they are.

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