Namrata Giri

I am a 37-year-young mother, writer, dreamer, fitness enthusiast and...oh yes, an Economist too. Like any average woman my age, I juggle between caring for my kids, running a house and a full-time career. I help run an IT start-up AcesoCloud Inc. In the past, I have worked as a management consultant with companies of global repute including one of the Big4s. I am an Economist by vocation and am currently pursuing my P.hD in Strategy. I have also been a student of Psychology and my innate interest in observing and studying human behavior makes me see and interact with people with empathy and sensitivity. I am an avid reader and passionate about writing. I am a trained painter and a fitness enthusiast. When not working in the office or working out in the gym, I spend my time baking, painting, trekking, biking, running and observing little things as the world goes by doing its job. From having “no time for anything” when I worked full-time to now having time for everything, I have learned the art of balancing my different roles and prioritizing people and activities that add value to my life. It's not only about me, it's also about millions of women like me, dealing with the issues related to work, parenting, relationships, fitness, health, nutrition, money, failures, victories, dreams and disappointments and a million other conflicting priorities. Amidst all this, is a woman, a girl, a child, an individual who yearns to be her own. I am sure hundreds of women will identify with me because I am real.

Voice of Namrata Giri

The Power of Doing Nothing And Still Feeling Productive

Life lies somewhere in between the ability to conquer greater heights and the ability to slow down to smell the roses and feel the breeze.

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My 10 Point Checklist For Being The Badass Guilt-free Parent

I parent a set of eight-year-old twins and let me tell you, the feeling is an agonising cocktail of worry, happiness, excitement, confusion, and guilt. Here's my story of overcoming that guilt - and the 10-point checklist I made from the journey.

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negative people
10 Ways To Deal With Negative People While Keeping Your Relationships And Sanity Intact

How often have you come across naysayers who pull you down despite all your efforts to be your best, do the right thing, come up with best solutions or look good? We all have encountered negative people within our families, workspace and social circles whose sole agenda in life is to sneer, pass derogatory remarks, […]

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stories of strong women
Are We Telling Our Girls The Right Stories?

Fairy tales with their wimpy princesses waiting for the prince to come rescue them from their lives are passe. Our girls need real stories of strong women.

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I Learnt 10 Life Lessons On My Daily Cycling Routine And I’d Like To Share Them With You

Here are some life lessons from cycling daily, which I might not have learnt if I had not taken up this exhilarating form of sport.

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moving to a small town
15 Ways In Which My Life Became Better After Moving To A Small Town From A Metropolis

Moving to a small town might seem like a step backward in today's rat race addicted world, but it made my life better in so many ways.

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