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Yoga teacher, writer, travel blogger. Loves going where she’s never been, having (mis)adventures, dancing with words and music, learning new languages and stories. Tabasco, sunshine, poetry, the night sky and words are some of her many loves. Lucky for her, they’re location-independent and tag along wherever she goes.

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Screens Part Of Your Everyday Reading? 9 Eye Care Tips To Keep In Mind

With an increase in use of screens in daily life, how do we take care of our eyes? Here are 9 eye care tips to help.

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Here’s How Yoga Can Help With Your Menstrual Problems

Yoga can be the answer for many ills, both physical and mental. Here is a look at how we can harness the power of yoga for menstrual problems.

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To The Girl Growing Up With An Abusive Alcoholic Father [Part II]

Here's part two of the article on growing up with an alcoholic father - the upsides, the strengths, and your power to create your world.

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To The Girl Growing Up With An Abusive Alcoholic Dad

Here's part one of two articles - on the pitfalls and precautions of growing up with an abusive, alcoholic father.

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Which Side Are You On: Nine Questions Every Woman Must Ask Herself

Our actions contribute to the society we live in. Here is a fantastic list of questions we must ask ourselves about our choices, actions, and subjugation of women.

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