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Namita Sharma

Voice of Namita Sharma

Let’s Be The Change Ladies

If we wish to change the patriarchal notions of the society, the change must begin from us.

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The Quiet Are Often Judged

We must change the perception that the quiet and introverted are weak!

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No Matter What The Reason, Hitting Your Child Is Never Ever Okay!

Children being beaten at school may have stopped but what about the same at home? Is it necessary to beat children to correct them?

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When She Dances

A woman dancing is always taken in the wrong sense by the society. Can't she dance because she likes it and just wants to have fun?

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Unsafe Women

A woman pens down her feelings on the plight of women in our country and questions if she can ever feel safe here?

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And The Brave Pigeon Finally Took Flight, Leaving All Else Behind…

She was excited and happy when she flew for the first time. And kept flying from one building to another the entire day. 

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The Unmarried

It is common among young people to be asked about when they will get married. Why does the society assume its right to question people about decisions that are entirely personal? Which voice should you choose to listen to? Read further for more insight. 

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