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Monali Johari

A mother who tries to address every social issue that is a hurdle in my daughter's way to a better future... Be it as trivial as body shaming or as important as sexual harassment.

Voice of Monali Johari

breastfeeding journey
How I Breastfed My Baby, Despite My Newborn Given Formula Without Asking Me

Everyone, including my paediatrician and family elders encouraged me to feed formula to my baby, but I still managed to breastfeed her as I wanted to.

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For The Sake Of Love!

Have any number of flings but if you choose an arrange marriage set-up in the end...you are labelled as sanskari. Do it a little differently and you will know yourself.

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How I Met My Soulmate!

A cute story of how the author met her husband and her daughter's father. Read on!

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When Standing Up For Self Is Hard For Men, So It Is For Women As Well

The movement #metoo is more than just a social media campaign. It is enlightening people about the gravity of the issue, the concept of concent and much more.

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I Was Force-Fed As A Kid – This Might Be The Reason For My Bad Food Habits

'Distraction feeding' or 'force feeding' is not a healthy idea; instead it results in bad food habits in the future. Read how beautifully the author justifies this fact.

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