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Meetu Mathur Badhwar

I am a self-believer who stands for equality and justice in every walk of life. After doing post graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication I worked in different media and publishing houses, first as a reporter and later as an editor. Now I am working in a PSU trying to strike work-life balance and of course, reliving my childhood with my 5-year-old daughter. My writings are a creative vent to what is going on in my head and heart.

Voice of Meetu Mathur Badhwar

my grandfather
My Grandfather Was A Rockstar Who Taught Me That Goodness Usually Begets Goodness

My grandfather was a good man who cared about all his fellow creatures, and taught me that goodness begets goodness, even when he passed away.

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She Left On A Palanquin And Came Back To Her Parents’ Home On A Bier

Until we as a society do not remove the evil of 'dowry' from our minds, we are condemned to be guilty of any completely preventable dowry death that happens.

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sent to a jail
When I Was Once Sent To A Jail

The author was sent to a jail once, for a reason she speaks about in her post, and this is her account of the extraordinary experience!

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nature kid
Memoirs Of A Nature Kid: We Owe These Delights To Our Children

Seeing birds and small animals like the squirrel has become rare these days in our cities. These memoirs of a nature kid remind us of these lost delights.

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On Sundays, A Portrait Of The Husband And The Wife

This simple poem will really make you wonder at the lopsided division of chores in most homes even today!

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