Meenakshi Iyer

Meenakshi Iyer is known to put the "fun" in dysfunction. Writer, poet, avid reader she is known for her pragmatism, whimsical personality, and obscure inclinations. Meenakshi published her first book of poems, 'Briste' in 2014. When she is not writing, she is usually found reading, nodding her head to alternative rock music or chilling at home binge watching psycho-thrillers or romantic comedies. During the week, Meenakshi is busy wrangling humans in her corporate slave avatar, which she also considers a source for rib-tickling content. You can find her on Instagram as @the_meenakshi_iyer and on Twitter as @the_iyer_writer

Voice of Meenakshi Iyer

Why Women Can Veer Away From This ‘Masculine’ Leadership Style

Leadership in organisations is often classified as either masculine of feminine. However, isn't it time to have a more androgynous leadership?

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Permit Me To Apply For The Position Of ‘Wife’ In Your Esteemed Family

Arranged marriages through matrimonial sites or through word of mouth have become a joke where everything other than a woman's self is considered - after all, who cares what she wants, right?

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let's talk sex
Let’s Talk About Sex, Please, And Own Our Pleasure!

The taboo on talking about sex has made dolls for the "husband's pleasure" of us Indian women. Let's get a bit dirty and uninhibited, and talk about sex so that we know what pleasures us.

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Four More Shots, Your Stereotypes Aren’t Helping

Four More Shots Please promised to bring us more 'real women' on screen, but does it deliver on that promise, or is it just a superficial rendition of the 'modern woman'?

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Good Girl

“You go willingly to a strange place with a boy and then cry that you have been raped? Huh?” the man behind the desk asked. “What did you expect? You went there looking for sex, right?”

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