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Marsha Lewis

Marsha Lewis loves to watch shows with drama, bake bread, and attempts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since relocating to Mumbai, she currently struggles with the city's infamous weather patterns and has yet to muster the courage to travel by herself in the local train.

Voice of Marsha Lewis

How to Amp Up Your Chances of Success When You Return To Work After A Break

The 'Return to Work Syndrome' affects a woman’s professional life significantly; however, not as much if you are prepared to handle it.

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Kuala Lumpur visit
Kuala Lumpur Calling; 5 Fascinating Reasons Why You Must Visit

Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful and colourful city with a vibrant culture. Here is all you need to know to make a visit and create unforgettable memories.

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Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette Strikes Close, As We All Are ‘Broken Women’ Inside

Watch Nanette. Hannah Gadsby makes you uncomfortable with her words, but also makes you laugh and makes you recognise the truths she speaks about.

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Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale Is An Indian Woman’s Tale too

If The Handmaid's Tale appears a distant and implausible fantasy to you, read this. The Indian Woman's tale has many elements in common.

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Fancy A Trip To Vietnam Next Holidays? 8 Things You Must Know Before You Plan

A travelogue from Vietnam from a solo woman traveller - what are the interesting places, where to find food that you'll love, and more!

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6 Essential Tips To Attend An Interview Like A Boss!

For working professionals, if there is one skill that everyone has to cultivate it would have to be the art of interviewing. Here's how to attend an interview - like a boss!

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My Career Nearly Cost Me My Peace Of Mind, But I Took Steps To Make Things Better!

A great job that paid fabulously, no responsibilities; I felt I had it all. Until it all came down crashing around me, and I had to take some drastic steps.

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