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Manmeet Bali Nag

"An academic, blogger and a cultural critic, in the pursuit of some learning and unlearning. Being sensitive & observant of the nuances around me and putting my thoughts into words, remains my passion. I extrapolate my thoughts for a deeper insight into things in general and gender dynamics in particular. Given the ponderous nature of my thoughts, my blog calls itself 'Pondering Pauses'. For more pondering please log on to "

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women of Kashmir
This ‘Pagli’ Of Kashmir Gave Birth Alone In Pain, Her Infant Devoured By Dogs

Women are the first and most affected casualties in any war zone, and the women of Kashmir are being sacrificed at the altar of the violence kept alive by men.

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woman's identity
Why “Mere Paas Maa Hai” & The Agni Pariksha Are Symptoms Of The Same Malady

A woman's identity in India is a product of very complex ingredients - from the mom complex and son fixation to the Agni Pariksha and Shakti. Confused? Read.

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Keeping Your Feet Where They Belong Saves Us All A Whole Lot Of Trouble

The recent case of a man putting his feet on actor Zaira Waseem's armrest and allegedly harassing her, should really make us think about personal space.

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A Feminist Perspective On The Recent ‘Outbreak’ Of Braid Chopping In Kashmir

The Kashmir cauldron is on the boil and this time around it’s about a 'hair raising' issue. What's really going on behind the epidemic of braid chopping?

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Beti Bhagao Abhiyaan: This Discriminatory Bill Against The Women Of J&K Needs To Go!

Women of J&K who are Permanent Residents, but marry a man from outside the state, face tremendous discrimination that has been legalised. It's time for an overhaul.

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From Nikaah To Talaaq: A Look At Triple Talaaq, The Fiction And The Facts

Triple Talaaq first received wider notice due to the B.R.Chopra movie, Nikaah. Decades later, the SC finally halted the instant version. A closer look.

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What is true women's empowerment?
When Women Must “Measure Up”: The Ambivalence Of Women’s Empowerment

Women are still asked to fit predetermined moulds, even if these are new or "modern" standards. Is that truly women's empowerment?

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