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Hey Lovelies: I am carefree, bindass and down to earth..... I am Experiencing Terrific Two's with ounce of madness and excitement that keep attaining and repelling. I tear my hair apart amidst a lot of things that I do, like Mentor at Cherie Blair Foundation Run a HR boutique form called Cosmic Mandala Content Writer Involve with kids theatre, art and craft This list is only exhaustive... Writing liberates me and brings out a lot of clarity when my mind is cobbled up....

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What Kept Us Kids In The 70s And 80s Engaged In The Vacations? #NostalgiaAlert

#NostalgiaAlert. A trip down memory lane about activities that kept kids engaged in the holidays. What can you re-purpose for your kids today?

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My (Adopted) Daughter – Let Me Tell You About My Joy When I First Held Her

The first time I saw and held my daughter, she was not yet legally ours, but I had no doubt that she held my heart in her tiny hands.

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The Hic: Yes, It All Began Around The Age Of 5 When I Started Stammering

With Hichki releasing this week, there is a kind of a 'HIC' all around. Here's my own story of going through a Hic - that of stammering.

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