Mamta Pandit

Mamta Pandit

hi, I am Mamta , currently working in education field and also enjoying motherhood with a five year old little angel zoey.After working for around 8 yrs as software engineer was crazy enough to quit and marry an army officer, and see life with an entirley different angle.I love writing from my school days, I don't understand but its just happens that thoughts keep coming to your mind and you feel like jotting them down.I have a written a lot of poetry and pros in Hindi,some of it published in newspapers and Hindi websites. I really love the articles on womensweb, its a good platform where you find like-minded people sharing their thoughts.

Voice of Mamta Pandit

सुनो-टूटी गुड़िया की पुकार

रोज़ कहीं से एक टूटी गुड़िया चिल्लाती है, मेरे गुनहगार को फाँसी क्यों नहीं दी जाती है? क्या उत्तर देंगे हम इन मासूमों के सवालों का?

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