Malini Gowrishankar

Wanderer. Chatterbox. Enabling women travel at Voice-over artist. One angry Indian woman, constantly trying to channelise her anger into positive energy. Books, pets, children, music, travel, people - that sums me up.

Voice of Malini Gowrishankar

single parent
A Heart-To-Heart Talk From An Unapologetically Happy Single Parent

A single parent needs to deal with the trauma of the circumstances that led to being single, and find the strength and peace within to take care of a child.

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Aishwarya Rai Is Seen Breaking Stereotypes, In Her Latest Song ‘Bulleya’

In her latest song ' Bulleya' Aishwarya Rai is seen romancing lead actor Ranbir Kapoor who is younger than her. She breaks stereotype that actresses can't p

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A Call By Nirbhaya – My Death Deserves A Meaning

The Nirbhaya incident has moved so many of us, in various ways. Here, the poet gives words to the stifling she feels as a women in a society that acts as the moral police all the time.

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