Madhur Dave

A journalist by profession, I have a keen interest in gender issues, social issues, wildlife, and the environment. I am often found in bookstores, talking to random strangers or in a corner of my house with a book and a cup of coffee.

Voice of Madhur Dave

Mothers, Tattoos And More – The Hilarious Story Of How I Got My Mum To Agree To My Tattoo

I recently got my second tattoo done. And getting my mom to be onboard was a task on its own. This is how I convinced my mother to let me get a tattoo.

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Men Can’t Talk About Sexual Assault; Siddhant Talwar Is Trying To Change That

Mardaangi = masculinity. But what if mardaangi also meant speaking of your pain? That is exactly what Siddhant Talwar and team are doing with their campaign!

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mother reveal one thing
Tell me what? Women Reveal One Piece Of Advice They Wouldn’t Give Their Daughters

Did your parents impose several rules upon you? Or did they let you grow up on your own terms? Here’s some mothers revealing what they wouldn’t tell their daughters.

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