Lopa Banerjee

Lopa Banerjee is an author, editor, poet and translator based in Nebraska, US. Her nonfiction novel/memoir THWARTED ESCAPE: An IMMIGRANT'S WAYWARD JOURNEY, published by Authorspress in October 2016, is a First Place Category Winner at the Journey Awards 2014 hosted by Chanticleer Reviews. She is also the co-editor of the Amazon bestseller anthology of powerful women-centric stories 'Defiant Dreams: Tales of Everyday Divas', published in collaboration with Readomania and Incredible Women of India. She is currently the deputy editor of 'Learning & Creativity' e-zine, and also a contributing author for ‘Café Dissensus’, 'Different Truths', Readomania.com, Spark Magazine, Earthen Lamp journal, About Place Journal, Episteme journal and many other e-zines and anthologies. Her poetry has appeared in several critically acclaimed anthologies, including 'Mytho-Manthan' (Authorspress), 'Umbilical Chords' (Poetry Society of India), Kaafiyana (Readomania). She received the Reuel International prize for Translation in 2016 for 'The Broken Home', her English translation of Rabindranath Tagore's novella 'Nastanirh', published on Amazon Kindle. She is an avid blogger too and writes poetry, literary musings, stories and travel narratives at www.mistressandhermuse.wordpress.com

Voice of Lopa Banerjee

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She: Durga, Draupadi, Sita And The Every Woman [#BookExcerpt]

"Didn’t the scriptures tell the earth that the women of the earth are carved in the image of the omnipotent Goddess? Why, then, are their bodies and souls trampled, the filth and saliva of carnal hunger trickling down their skins?"

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Stillborn: Dealing With The Loss Of A Baby At Birth [Short Story]

This is a heart-wrenching dedication, a fictional account, of a new mother dealing with the loss of a baby at birth. It's a story that must be told.

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