I am an Indian living in the United States. Family comprises my husband and two boys who keep us on our toes and make us laugh. When I am not chasing them around, I work in the strategic communications team at a PR firm that specializes in social impact communication. I am passionate about advertising, recycling and spending time outdoors. I have always been writing and the feedback I have received about my articles has encouraged me to write more and in other platforms.

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Have You Ever Been Ghosted? My Tête-à-Tête With Ghosting!

With most of our communication taking place virtually, ghosting has become rampant. What do you do when you are being ghosted? The author writes an insightful piece.

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Love That Doesn’t Die – A True Story Of Battling ALS, A Progressive Disease

After several tests and consultations with a neurologist, Grace was diagnosed with ALS. Those three letters shattered their life.

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Even After 2 Kids I Love To Bits, Here’s Why I Believe It’s OK To Not Want To Raise A Family

I believe if someone does not want kids, it is OK for them to not fall for social pressure to have them. After all, it should be their decision!

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Death Might Spare No Husband, Are You Financially Ready For A Life After Him?

Death of our spouse is unpredictable. Just knowing that life insurance exists is not enough, it's better to discuss and plan your finances well ahead. 

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happy memories
3 Steps That Can Create Powerful Happy Memories To Keep Dementors At Bay

Happy memories can keep away the darkness inside us, give us strength when we need it. Can you actually create a 'bank' of happy memories you can draw on to keep the Dementors at bay? 

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‘Frankly, I Don’t Envy You’: Why This Isn’t Supportive Enough

Having empathy need not stop with just identifying with another's predicament; 'doers' go beyond this, and offer help in supportive ways. Are you one of them?

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what did you do today
When My Husband Asks In The Evening, “Aaj Kiya Kya Tumne? (What Did You Do Today?)”

The question "what did you do today?" from a husband is usually for gaslighting the wife to believe that they have been lazy or neglectful.

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One Day At The Airport, This Is How I Learnt To Say NO

Saying 'no' is always a hard thing for everyone because of all the negativity (pun unintended) around it. Here's how one woman learnt to say no!

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work life balance is a myth
Can’t Find That Elusive Work-Life Balance? 5 Things You Can Do To Be Happier, Instead

I believe that work life balance is a myth. Instead of running after it, you can do things to lead a happier, more contented life, instead.

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