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Kiran Jhamb

Kiran Jhamb writes about things that disturb her, or fascinate her or amuse her - in short things that she feels strongly about. For her writing is an exploration.

Voice of Kiran Jhamb

My Circus, My Monkeys. Am I The Ringmaster? Far From It!

I am encouraging Leena, too, to buy a flat and set up a home of her own. Parents inhibit. She does not want to get married again but why should she be deprived; sex outside marriage is still frowned upon by society.

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The Worry And Fear That Don’t Let Women Leave Their Comfort Zones

She was worried all the time. She is used to fear. She does not want to let it go. It makes her feel safe. What difference does it make if the things she is scared of, are not real?

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I Cook ‘Coz I’m Expected To – Don’t Like My Cooking? Cook Your Own Or Whatever…

I always thought I hated cooking. But around my 40s I realised the the real problem was something else. So here's my take on this...

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What Use Was Anger To Her Now? She’d Always Known Only Men Could Afford To Get Angry!

She had known all her life that righteous anger is a male prerogative, not meant for women. As a girl, she was told to keep her eyes down and voice lowered. She was never given what she wanted, was always handed over what was conveniently available.

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At Sixty Plus, She Had Finally Tasted Freedom. But From What, Was The Question!

But now she did not have to be an ideal wife, DIL, SIL, etc. The people who used to frighten her had lost their power. Her adult progeny was adult; she did not have to be a role model for them anymore. In nutshell, she did not have to be a good girl.

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Be Careful What You Wish For In Old Age, For You Might Be Thirsting For A Mirage

These are not the grannies of old who attended keertans and just wanted their vansh to continue. These are women who are persons in their own rights!

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These Women Are Changing The Horrible DIL-MIL Equation For Good

Moms-in-law today are changing from the monsters they often were in the past. Often being educated women themselves may have something to do with it, and is a welcome change.

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Sunita bai
Why My Domestic Help Sunita Bai Is A Feminist Even Though She Doesn’t Know What It Means!

Despite all her personal problems, my domestic help Sunita bai has proven herself to be an indomitable woman who is a feminist in action.

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older woman
I’ve Done My Work As A Wife And Mother. And Now I Retire To Live My Life!

All my life, I've done what was expected as a woman. Now as an older woman, I'm going to do what I have always wanted, and never could!

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Tornado [#ShortStory]

An unmarried pregnant girl is considered a sinner, but what about the young man whom she willingly had sex with? How can his family judge only her?

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Dear Daughter, I Don’t Want You To Land With A Jarring Thud – Of Reality [#ShortStory]

A mother who has seen her daughter being brought up by a protective father, tells her from self-experience about the realities of an Indian marriage that await her.

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The Curious Case Of The Invisible Woman In Almost All Our Homes

In a society which measures a woman's worth only by her reproductive prowess, a woman becomes an invisible woman when she becomes old.

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A ‘Bhabhi’ Is Considered A Woman Worthy Of Respect Because She Obviously Belongs To A Bhaiyya!

These are the daily topics discussed by the Bhabis on their evening walks - the stuff of the daily woes and wins of upper middle class women. A humorous read.

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The Age Old ‘Old Age’ Problem Turns New [Short Story]

Nuclear families mean that caring for ageing parents is fraught with difficulty, even if economically things might be better. An insightful short story.

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Claiming Mother [#ShortStory]

He had to take mother’s body home for the last rites. It was a good networking opportunity - elections were round the corner, and it would elicit sympathy.

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The Queen Bee [Short-Story]

For Queen Bee relationships are a battle ground of power, where she wields power over her opponent. However, the future might have a different story!

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My Incredible Indian Television Family

In a humorous take, a viewer describes what it takes to make the quintessential families in the Indian Television Serials.

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Encounter (Short Story)

Encounter is a story about trust and respect. It describes how emotions come into play between women - the mistress of a home and her domestic helps.

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Kill-Joy (Poem)

This poem on women's lives examines the many ways in which women's spirits are subdued - right from girlhood.

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Cheated [Story]

Here's a story about taking care of elderly parents, the ingratitude children are capable of, and the things that truly matter in life.

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The Love Song of J. Sadhana Prakash

Here is an ode to lost romance, in the time of busy kitchens, offices, and homes. The title is borrowed from Eliot's poem The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock.

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The Aam Aadmi Chronicles: Musings of a Mere Male

How does a man deal with his empowered wife? Here is a tongue-in-cheek look at the musings of a mere male!

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Alarmed By A TV Show : Patriarchy Nights With Kapil?

Popular TV shows often influence attitudes and trends. Here is an article about Comedy Nights With Kapil, and why we must be alarmed.

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Mothers Or Family Dustbins?

Mothers are often at the receiving end of our waste and ugly emotions. This tongue-in-cheek piece tells you why mothers are akin to family dustbins!

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Bride And Prejudice: Why Should Indian Brides Have To Cry?

Tradition demands that an Indian bride should cry when she leaves her home. With social evolution, we should put these petty expectations to rest!

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Reclaiming Our Roads: How You Can Help Curb A Social Menace

Many men believe that peeing on the streets is a divine right. This thoughtful post raises important questions about this ugly practice.

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Don’t Be A Good Girl: A Story Of Loss And Learning

Loss alters us in more ways than one. Here is a gut-wrenching story about love, loss, and a lesson all of us should remember- Don't be a 'good girl'.

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Of What Is, And What Should Be: Dilemma

Society often dictates how our lives should be led. Kiran Jhamb brings forth a dilemma society poses for parents, with this evocative story.

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