Kaamna Jain

A journalist by education, a marketing professional by trade and a blogger by choice. A lifelong learner, she cherishes her dance and yoga lessons, digs mythological fiction and listens to music that speaks. She's fascinated by the small things in life but can't resist the allure of the new and the undiscovered.

Voice of Kaamna Jain

If These Stupid Bollywood Movies Are Our Teachers, Maybe We Need A Ban!

From gravity defying heroes to bullets that choose their own trajectories, we the public, lap up everything that Bollywood gives us. Leave your brain at home indeed!

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Balli Kaur Jaswal
Murder Mystery, Social Awareness, And Erotica All Rolled Into One – This Is A Must Read [#BookReview]

The title of Balli Kaur Jaswal's book Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows does not give away the range of genres it covers. A must read.

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for yourself first
How To Avoid Being A Shadow Of Your Partner In A Marriage

Do your partner and your marriage a favour; don’t build your life around him. Be there for him but first be there for yourself first.

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Why You Need To Stop Worrying About Pleasing Other People!

It is impossible to please others at all times, and you're wasting your time if you are trying. Look for what makes you happy instead and follow your heart.

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expected to do it all
The Fault Lies With Our Mothers

Do you find yourself expected to do it all? The fault lies with our mothers, as they fall short of a role model for today's working woman.

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what makes you happy
Find Out What Makes You Happy, And Go For It, All Guns Blazing!

Life can be stressful, and you need to find out what makes you happy, and choose that above everything else. That is all that matters!

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