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My Baba – My Feminist Hero, Who Broke Patriarchy, One Cup Of Tea At A Time

'Women belong in the kitchen, men don't,' is quite a common stereotype. However, the writer's father broke this stereotype, by helping out in the kitchen.

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Just As Michelle Obama Says, Your Health, Your Rules – Take Charge Of Your Health

Health of women is thier own responsibility. Michelle Obama says so and the author gives us more reasons to believe why our health lies in our own hands!

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When Love Was My Silver Lining Among The Dark And ‘Ugly’ Clouds

Calling a person ugly only hurts them. They lose their self-worth and start questioning themselves. Here's a beautiful story of healing with love.

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When I Fell In Love Again… With The Same Man

A woman finds love again - with her husband. In a love marriage, life happens, and how does one get back to the love after getting really dissociated?

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A Woman Needs It Too; Why Should Her Sexual Desires Be Hush-Hush?

Why are a woman's sexual desires or needs be spoken of in hushed tones? Why can't a woman openly say that her physical needs have to be gratified?

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My Fitness Is A Reality And Not A Myth!

A woman's fitness is no longer a myth. It is a fast-paced reality where more women find themselves sweating it out in the gym. Some even in the comforts of their home.

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Why Do Most Indian Daughters-In-Law Need To Struggle For Acceptance By In-Laws?

Women in India often find themselves in hostile waters once they are married. They struggle to get validation amidst misogyny and often end up  losing their own identity.

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Her Perfect, Hot, Round Rotis Were A Sign Of My Grandmother’s Bowing To Patriarchy

My paternal grandmother was an empowered, no-nonsense woman in every sense, but still still bowed to the patriarchal upper hand of my grandfather by quietly making perfect, hot, round rotis for him.

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It’s Results Time, And With It, The Annual Catastrophe Of Parents Who Fail Their Children

It's that time of the year when your parents ardently condemn you for not being 'high marks' achievers. Yes, you guessed it right, it's results time.

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You Know You Have A Toddler When…

Toddlers can be real entertainers at most times. They can also tie you up in knots and make you question everything you thought until now.

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parental overview
A Child May Be A Criminal, But It’s Parental Overview That Comes Under The Scanner!

The recent news of a 16 year old boy being accused of a murder makes this author reflect on where parents are going wrong.

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Does Media Interest In The Arushi Talwar Case Say Something About Our Society?

The continuing interest in the Arushi Talwar case, now to be examined again through a new documentary - is it natural curiosity or just plain ghoulish?

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father-daughter bond
My Baba. He Who Must Be Named And Celebrated…

A daughter's no holds barred letter to a much love father. Do read this intensely personal account of a father-daughter bond.

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The ‘Other’ Woman In My Husband’s Life Whom I Thank God For!

Yes, you read that right! The other woman in my husband's life and I thank God for her existence! Want to know who it is? Read on!

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Why Insiya In Secret Superstar Feels So Close To Each One Of Us

Secret Superstar is the story of Insiya, but also of any Indian girl whose life has no real celebration or purpose other than satiating her future husband.

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