A homemaker, mother of two, writer and blogger, who loves to travel and has a passion for reading. Firmly believe that we all are a means to a purpose and that we should do whatever we can to uplift others, while not belittling ourselves.

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3 Reasons Why Women Should Never Give Up Working, At A Professional Level

Why is it so important for a woman to continue working at a professional level? This post makes some very important arguments...read on and share your opinion!

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house hunting in Mumbai
House Hunting In ‘Liberal’ Mumbai Was An Ordeal For A Non-Veg Me; What Hopes For Rest Of India?

As a non-vegetarian, I had a lot of trouble while house hunting in Mumbai, as I found people accepting tenants based on religion, caste, and food preference - in a cosmopolitan metro!

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Will All This Really Help The Everywoman For Whom #MeToo Is An Everyday Scenario?

Many empowered women and celebrities who do have some privilege have spoken up in the #MeToo movement. But is this going to percolate down and help the ordinary woman for every day is a struggle?

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What Use Is ‘Achievement’ If Our Children Are Not Safe From Such Gruesome Acts?

The Kathua incident has shaken up the whole nation and rightly it should, as it is a heinous and barbaric act that only demented minds can even think of doing. I have been reading people make statements like ‘we can feel the pain of what she went through’ or ‘my heart goes out to her […]

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What Is It That Drives People In Seemingly Good Marriages To Indulge In Infidelity?

Loyalty in a marriage is important to me, so I am unable to reconcile with the ease with which people go in for infidelity - even in good marriages! A personal look.

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What I Took Away From Watching Sachin – A Billion Dreams

Many movies have been made based on the lives of sportspersons. However, Sachin – A Billion Dreams is a cut above the rest, like the man himself.

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depressed teen
As The Mother Of A Teenager I Worry – What Drives These Bright Young People To Extremes Like Suicide?

A depressed teen can easily take an extreme step - life is too precious to be lost over some marks in exams or some college admission.

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TV serials today
The Curious Case Of The Unbelievable TV Serials Today!

Barring a couple, TV serials today really need you to suspend your disbelief. What happened to the kind of serials that showed real people?

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I Enjoy Sharing Non Veg Jokes. Does That Necessarily Make Me A Loose Woman?

Are you comfortable sharing non veg jokes or enjoy sexual innuendo conversations? Does that make you a loose woman, no matter what anyone might think?

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Demonetization And The Irony Of It All!

The demonetization of Rs 500 and 1000 notes has been hailed as many as a great move to flush out black money. But what is the ground reality for many ordinary citizens?

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Let’s Talk Something Nice About The Good Men In Our Lives, Too!

A heartfelt tribute to the good men in our lives, who often go out of their way to support their families, sometimes lonely themselves.

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These Are What I Think Are Real Issues That Matter In The Fight About Equality For Women

There are so many battles being fought about the equality for women - these are what I think should be the real issues we fight for.

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Dealing With A Serious Loss May Be Life’s Way Of Nudging Us On To The Road To Maturity

We need to realize it and move on - a person who might have meant the world to us and who we've lost touch with, might be a total stranger to us now.

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