Supriya Jain

Supriya is a wordsmith. Her passion is food and writing. By profession she is a marketer. You can connect with her on twitter @jainsupriya

Voice of Supriya Jain

Because The Struggle To Stay Body Positive In A Culture Obsessed With ‘Fair & Slim’ Is Real!

It has been difficult to be body positive and confident when everyone keeps shaming me for dark skin and my weight, but lately I've been trying to accept myself how I am. 

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Surrogacy Banned: No More Wombs For Rent, But How Thoughtful Is This New Bill?

The new Surrogacy Regulation Bill entirely bans commercial surrogacy, but that may only push the business underground rather than protecting the poor women who act as surrogates.

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trip to the forest
A City Girl’s Handy 7 Point Guide To Travelling In The Wild

You're a city girl, more comfortable in modern surroundings. What would you need to do if you had to go on a trip to the forest wilderness? Here are some pointers.

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These Beauty Ideals Are (Literally) Killing Us!

In this post the writer rightly describes how these manufactured beauty ideals and our rush to fit in, is killing us.

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Are Our Minds Without Fear And Our Heads Held High?

These days, violence against women in India seems normal. It really doesn't matter who she is, what she is wearing and which household she is from. Why?

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