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Ivy Choudhury

I believe in celebrating every moment of my life. Since childhood, I do what my heart says. I pursued my career according to my area of interest. With a master's degree in Analytical and Applied Economics, I worked in the corporate world for 5 years. My heart wanted to be in the world of tiny tots. Took a break, did B.ed and joined a school. With kids, life was not monotonous. Everyday was a new learning experience. I have been really fortunate to get the support of my family members in every decision of mine. I followed my heart and their hearts followed me.

Voice of Ivy Choudhury

And Their Resentment Was Immersed Too, With The Goddess!

I know nothing about the outside world. I do not have money to invest. I know my mother in law will object. I have so many constrains. All I know is I love to cook and feed people.

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3 Women Meet For The First Time At The Gynaecologist’s Waiting Room

So I want to preserve my good quality eggs to ensure that I don’t have fertility issues later. I want to liberate myself from the fear of the ticking biological clock.

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The Perfect Smile; A Smile That Means “Shut Up And Mind Your Own Business.”

Now, the world expects me to sit and grieve the loss of the person who never came to my life. Why would I do that? Rather I would love to celebrate the ones whom I am blessed with. A page from Nisha’s diary 24th April 2018 Just back from Dhruv’s birthday party. He looked cute […]

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I Want To Confess To My Guilt, Daughter, Before I Die

Every certificate, every trophy, every achievement of yours made me feel so proud of being your mom. It also made me feel guilty. Guilt of the truth that I haven’t shared with you.

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When We Plan A Couples’ Vacation, My MIL Takes A Virtual Tour Before We Book!

Why do men grow up to be mumma's boys? How much of interference in a couple's life is going too far? An incisive look at this common scenario.

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