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Isha isiat

Isha wants to be called a poet but cannot be considered as one . She can now be termed as a 15 year old who is trying to understand the sudden changes of adolescence and coming to terms with the sudden onset of adulthood ,while still wishing to be a (and she is) a child.

Voice of Isha isiat

Gunjan Saxena book
‘Chain Me No Further With The Shackles Of Your Love…The Nation Has Called And I Must Run…’

On India's 73rd Republic Day, the poem explores the shackles of marriage, as the nation calls for brave women who can take protect & nurture its spirit-soul!

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Draupadi & Duryodhana-The Sun Of The Morning And The Darkness Of The Midnight!

His fragile masculinity met her determined femininity/In the twirl of tresses/He felt the twirl of death/In their wildness was the shakti of Draupadi's femininity/ Ready to throttle and pawn his throne to death.

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When I Turned Twenty…

When I turned twenty, I did not cut a birthday cake like Tiwari's daughter, but sat down to cut the tall grass overgrowing on his field!

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Rise, O Daughter Of Kali!

Our Afghan sisters lost their freedom and loves into terrible hands. But even in India, are we really free in our familial and marital bonds, abusive schools and insensitive workplaces?

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nuptial chain
My Nuptial Chain Has Rusted, Making A Noose Around My Neck…

When the marriage itself has no more meaning, when there is abuse and gaslighting in the relationship, what does a nuptial chain matter?

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