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Haripriya Madhavan

Mother of a two year old, with lots of dreams and aspirations for myself and my daughter. Learnt some lessons the hard way in life that have made me who I am today and the learning hasn't stopped. From someone who used to love being with people, I now enjoy solitary hours of introspection. Thankful to the entire bunch of friends and loved ones who have and still wish the best for me in life. I am nobody without your support.

Voice of Haripriya Madhavan

7 Reasons Why Your Decision To End A Bad Relationship Is A Sign Of Courage

Your decision to end a bad a relationship could be a sign that you have a certain strength of character and courage, rather than a weakness!

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5 Reasons Why Mothers Who Want To Return To Work Can Be Plum Picks For Employers

Workplace policies make it difficult for new mothers to rejoin work after a career break. Maybe it is time for employers to rethink this? 

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A Letter To My 2-year Old Daughter On What She Needs To Know About Love

Love can be a many-splendored thing. Here, a mother writes a letter to her 2-year old daughter, of thoughts on love that occur now, to be read and understood in the future, when she shall need this wisdom.

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