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Fiona Kezia Winston

Poet. Published Writer. Spoken Word Artist. Entrepreneur. Avid Reader. Amateur Boxer. Wannabe Motivational Speaker. Dog Lover. Dreamer. I’m the hurricane that does not bow to your circus whips. 2nd Book out on Amazon:

Voice of Fiona Kezia Winston

Dear Cosmic Mistake

#DearCosmicMistake is a series of poems I wrote on heartbreak, love, loss and unsaid goodbyes. It is about all the love stories that go unsung. 

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bipolar person
How To Love A Bipolar Person? 22 Ways I’d Ask My Dear Ones To Love Me

Bipolar disorder can make a person quite unpredictable and wildly varying in their moods. How does one love such a bipolar person? The author explains from experience.

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My Name Is Kshitija, I Am His Horizon

This was another reason why grandmother poisoned mother’s ears with lies of how I was beaten up by boys sometimes and that she had to hide me from the boys or they would do “unimaginable things” to me when I grow up.

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Chandni [#ShortStory]

And every time she choked with recurring sobs, watching the unwelcome moon, she reminded herself that she would not cry.

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bipolar disorder
Hello, Bipolar Me – Half Dream, Half Nightmare!

Having a bipolar disorder can churn life inside out, making it very difficult for those who love you. A searing personal account. #MentalHealthAwarenessDay

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Farce [#ShortStory]

The heart of a woman is strongest at struggle, she had heard, and she saw it for herself firsthand when her hands shook with fear but her other hand steadied it, on its own.

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Someone Please Kill Exams!

Exam stress - what is it about curriculums and exams that make slave-driving monsters out of us, usually reasonable adults and loving parents?

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Oh, Heartbreak! She Once Loved A Boy [Poem]

The experience of love can make you blossom in a million colours. On the other hand, heartbreak can be searing. But, can it be that the one who breaks your heart might also have his own private pain?

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Dear Dad, You’re Growing. (A Daughter Speaks)

A daughter speaks of her father's love for her, a love that is reciprocated, a love that can often be wordless, in evocative words that are poetry.

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15 Books You Must Read In These Christmas Holidays!

Haven't read many books this year? Looking for something to read in these Christmas holidays? Here's a list for you to choose from.

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What happened? [Poem]

This November Women’s Web, with JustBooks, is running Book Talk, a writing theme where you get to write (read) about books that inspire us.

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The Proposal [ Short Story]

Sometimes we have to live certain things all over again, maybe even after we are married, we got to begin with the proposal again.

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Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye And It’s Indian Relevance.

Though the protagonist of Toni Morrison's book 'The Bluest Eyes' was an African, yet it reflects the ethos of the Indian society which is our obsession to be fair and lovely!

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Wear A Saree And No One Will Rape You, They Said [Poem]

Society tells women to wear a Saree and be a good girl so that no one can rape you. But the truth is- dress has nothing to do with any form of sexual abuse.

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Why I Will Encourage My Daughter To Play With A Dark Skinned Indian Doll

Is our obsession with fair skin related to our craving for all things Western and unconscious disdain for many things Indian?

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The Revival Of A Woman [ Poem]

A poignant poem on the trial and tribulations of a woman, the journey through the standards of the society and finally the distant hope of the revival of a woman!

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The Old Gate: A Story of Surviving Betrayal

The blows from people we trust and love, are the hardest to bear, to survive. Yet, familial conflicts over money are all too common. Here's one such story.

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