Enakshi Johri

An educator by day an author by night, Enakshi is also an eminent book reviewer. Having worked as a freelance content writer, she now writes for several literary magazines and journals. A post graduate in Biotechnology, she believes in doing more of what makes her happy. She has been a part of eleven anthologies and her insightful articles, short stories and poems have found a place in speaking Tree(Times of India), Women's Era, Alive, Sivana East, Women's Web, EffictionIndia.in and Induswomanwriting.com. She shares her experiences and her thoughts on her website (http://aliveshadow.com/).

Voice of Enakshi Johri

When A Teacher’s (Short) Note In A Child’s Diary Made A Big Difference

Having a note written to the parents in the school diary is the ultimate horror for every school student but what if these are used to write little notes of appreciation?

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Five Magic Mantras to Stay Happy this Year

What are your magic mantras to stay happy this year? Share what you have learnt about staying happy!

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The Newspaper Boy Who Taught Me Something Beautiful

A newspaper boy from a humble background gave the author a beautiful life-lesson. Read on!

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Just Because I Don’t Have Kids, It Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Have Any Responsibilities!

I want more from life than just following the set pattern of an Indian woman’s life, and why should anyone else tell me what I should do or not do? ‘The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep Miles to go before I sleep. Miles to go before I sleep.’ […]

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