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Dilnavaz Bamboat

Dilnavaz Bamboat manages communications and social media for a Silicon Valley non-profit. She is a section editor at Ultra Violet and a founder member of India Helps. In previous work avatars, she was a therapist and educator for young children. She shares a home in sunny California with her spouse and misses the Bombay monsoon madly.

Voice of Dilnavaz Bamboat

Women in multiple roles
Let Me Count The Ways

Why do women get praised for multiple roles as though they were only a sum of all these compartments and not a whole person?

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And Then There Was Marriage

Marriage need not run to a template based on tradition. Creating your own version of marriage can be more fun and satisfying

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Are you a feminist?
Viewing Feminism From A Place Of Strength

Are you a feminist who doesn't know it yet? Dilnavaz Bamboat explains how feminism has a positive, empowering message

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The Other Woman
Battling The Other Woman

We think of the 'other woman' as the siren breaking the rules of society, but every woman has an other woman waiting inside her own head

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Women And The Religious Mantle

Why are so many women willing upholders of religious and spiritual power in a society that grants them little other agency?

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Solo Woman Traveller
The Lone Traveler

Solo travel can be empowering and liberating for women - and can teach us to be independent, self-reliant and happy with ourselves.

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Dark girl with long hair
Her Mother’s Hair

A beautiful short story about a girl with dark skin and beautiful long hair

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Domesticity Killed The Writing Star

Does domesticity kill the writer in you? Or is it just a question of taking it for granted and letting it fade away?

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