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A traveller into unknown. My thoughts expand to obscure. Relationships intrigue me, films fascinate me and parenting excites me

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8 Steps I Took To Change From A Monster Mom To A Calm, Mindful, And Happy One

I was an overworked, cranky, and angry mom. Until I took a step back, realised what was happening, and took a decision work my way to being a better parent.

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Mom: I Wonder If The Pain Of Your Child Having Down’s Syndrome Ever Goes Away?

My precious daughter has Down's syndrome, and though I've dealt with the pain and depression that came my way, at some times emotions get the better of me!

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how to talk to a teenager
Trouble Connecting With Your Teen? 8 Magic Mantras For Becoming The ‘Cool’ Parent!

That adorable child grows up into a brooding, uncommunicative teenager. Here's help that tells you how to talk to a teenager and be the parent you need to be.

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road safety
10 Essential Pointers For Stopping Your Teenager From Drinking And Driving

40% of road deaths are because of drunk driving, many of them young people who are prone to risky behaviour and no education about road safety.

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