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Meera Pattni

I collect books, watch T.V. shows, and imagine what an ideal world would look like. I'm also an aspiring journalist, full-time reader and a cat lover.

Voice of Meera Pattni

What Is The Point Of Celebrating Women’s Day?

Why celebrate Women's Day? What is the point of it all? Maybe there is some meaning to the madness. 

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I Urge You To Talk About Mental Health. We Need To Break This Stigma

Let's talk about mental health openly - the stigma around mental health disorders in South Asian communities leads to tragic outcomes for those afflicted.

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The Toxic Culture Of Boys Will Be Boys – Aren’t We Parents Responsible?

We all make mistakes growing up, but usually, a girl is held more accountable for her mistakes than a boy is. Why? Because boys will be boys? What rot!

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A Short Guide To Keeping In Touch With Mom

In today's fast paced world, how many of us really find the time to keep in touch with our mothers? A tongue-in-cheek look at how you can do this.

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