Starting A New Business? 7 Key Points To Keep In Mind.

D. Sohi

My dystopian book Borders is available through most online vendors. A British-Indian caught between two worlds, which naturally means I'm confused as hell. The positive from dual-cultural upbringing? My spy-skills are fairly sharp.

Voice of D. Sohi

Why Can’t Women Speak Up Uncle Ji? Your Misogyny Is Showing!

There’s a difference between disagreeing with someone and attacking their looks or conditions to bring them down, making yourself superior in the process.

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I Chose A Creative Career Defying Indian Society’s Expectations And It Helped Me Find Myself!

As a society, we are all expected to behave in a certain manner and follow the same career paths. But what happens when you choose to follow your own dreams?

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Beware Of The Auntie Sizing You Up As ‘Possible Marriage Material’!

An auntie sizing you up as 'possible marriage material' can be very disconcerting, but don't fall for it. You have your own life to live, that you decide upon!

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