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reunion in Goa
Why I Am Excited About Our Upcoming College Reunion In Goa!

College reunions are always a great idea. Especially if they held in Goa, they are FAB! Meeting old friends, catching up, "I'm excited," says the author!

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menstrual man
The World’s Greatest Love Story Is Not The One That Gave Us The Taj Mahal, IMO!

I believe the highest kind of love is that which makes life easier, better for the loved one. Something that menstrual man Arunachalam Muruganabtham has shown he has for his wife.

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sops for women
Pink Seats & Reserved Parking? Sops Don’t Empower, Only Distract From The Real Problem

The government gives sops for women like reserved parking, pink toilets, pink seats in city buses - these will not empower women or solve the issue of safety.

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I Was A Hesitant Scuba Diver But Overcame My Shyness To Discover The Ocean’s Treasures

The author vividly describes her experience with scuba diving and how it is liberating for her. She believes we should never be afraid of following our passions.

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The Most Famous Fairy Tale You Haven’t Heard – Beyond The Damsel In Distress

It is time we re-write fairy-tales and look beyond the stereotypical notions of a 'damsel in distress' and a 'knight in shining armour'.

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women cheerleaders
What Are Skimpily Clad Women Cheerleaders Doing In A Cricket Stadium At IPL?

Skimpily clad women cheerleaders at the IPL are just one of the ways women are put on display as sexualised objects for the male gaze, adding to the rape culture in India.

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