Bindiya Charan Noronha

Bindiya is a full time working woman, wife and mother who is passionate about living life to the fullest. She is a linguist, works in a diplomatic mission and is widely travelled. She is actively involved in the upliftment of women and children through her organisation ‘Mil Baant Ke ‘- Sharing with dignity. She is committed to health, literacy and skill building programs for the underprivileged as also creating libraries for the children. Her close involvement with people and her awareness of the world around her find expression in her paintings, poetry and articles. She is a multitalented dynamic individual who has lots to say, give and share.

Voice of Bindiya Charan Noronha


Isn't life all about the choices we make? Some right, some wrong...some weak, some strong.

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A tea gaden invokes a myriad of emotions...awe, fear, gratitude and much more!

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Wherever we see, there is terror and violence. Is humanity dying?

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Radiance or Contrived Glitter? Choose Well!

Can we really live like yo-yos all our lives? Alternating between extreme emotional states can be very draining and limiting.

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Silence Speaks!

A love poem on Valentine's Day- Read on and feel the love!

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Happily Ever After?

"Own yourself with the angel and the devil within. Do not blame the proverbial other. Be strong and be true to yourself, for if you do not love yourself, no one else will."

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Pursuit Of Happiness

Are you happy? Being associated with beautiful things make you happy or happiness is a state of mind? Read on to find out!

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And One Still Wonders Why Me?

"Why have the hearts within families become so cold and distant"-  The author questions those who have turned away from their own near and dear ones.

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Finding My Health And Happiness Quotient

The author believes that to lead a harmonious life we need to strike a balance between body and mind. Can we find a 'Health and Happiness' quotient to live joyously?

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