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I am an enterpreneur, a writer and a mother. I am passionate about women empowernment and equality for women. I write about inequalities and challenges women face in our socitey and career. I believe words have a way to touch heart and hope to do the same.

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This LeanIn-McKinsey Study Has 4 Important Takeaways About Women In The Workplace Today

Women in the workplace 2016 is a comprehensive study done by and McKinsey & Company to study the state of women in corporate America. Though the study was done in the US, the findings are relevant to the state of women in corporate India as well.

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One Thing At A Time Vs The Hidden Danger Of Multitasking (Part 2)

The danger of multitasking is that we can end up neglecting the most important thing, while feeling great about how much we are accomplishing. 'One thing at a time' has its virtues.

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Multitasking Increases Productivity, You Say? Think Again (Part 1)

Multitasking is frequently cited as a great productivity tool. Is this really true? You may be surprised.

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Why This Amendment To The Maternity Benefits Act Is A Potential Game Changer

Working women in the organised sector have been struggling with inadequate provisions in the Maternity Benefits Act 1961 and an amendment was long due.

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The Relentless Pursuit Of Beauty In A Woman’s Life. Shouldn’t We Question The Need For It?

Women indulge in a pursuit of beauty all their lives, conditioned by social expectations of what is considered 'beautiful' in a woman.

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fair skin
This Unfair Quest For Fairness!

Fair skin is such a big thing, especially for a girl child in India, that almost everything in her life gets coloured by this colonial obsession!

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Find Out How Hillary Rodham Clinton Makes A Perfect Role Model for Women

Hillary Clinton is the first woman nominee for the US president, a perseverant and ambitious woman who has shattered multiple glass ceilings along the way.

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