What actions should HR and business leaders take to curb mental harassment at work? Share your thoughts.


I am a Stay-At-Home-Wife and a dog-mom. Little girl who always believed in fairy-tales grown up to be a woman who is now living one of her own. The main source of inspiration to me is LOVE. A big reason I started Writing is If I can make anyone believe in Love again when they've given up.

Voice of Bhavna

If Your Partner Has A #MeToo Story, Here Are 5 Things You Should Know To Support Them

Can anyone imagine the courage and vulnerability behind every #MeToo story? What can you do, if your partner comes out with a #MeToo story?

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How A Patriarchal Society Doesn’t Understand What The Millennial Woman Wants! 

If my husband is a considerate and generous man, not a typical male chauvinist, then does that mean that either I am a dominating wife or he is a passive husband?

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6 Things You Can Do To Get You A Best Friend Who Always Stands With You

You may feel lonely at times because you don't have someone you can fall back upon at any time. But what about making this person who is always with you, your best friend?

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Hanging Pride Street: Abandoned No More!

Dreams do come true with determination. She was standing in one of the most famous streets in the world today 'Hanging Pride Street' which was once an infamous abandoned street.

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6 Ways I’m Not Just His ‘Better Half’, But A ‘Whole Person’ On My Own Too

Yes, I am in a good and happy relationship. Yes, very much in love too. But wait, what? Do you also think that's all my identity is about? NO!

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Talk And Connect With Him: Don’t Bottle Things Up

Initially, if I got upset, angry or sad, I chose not to express it to Mr Husband and just kept mum. Thinking that I might push him away. We all have been there, right!

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stay at home wife
Yes, I’m A Stay At Home Wife With No Kids, But A Freeloader? Think Again!

I am a stay at home wife with no kids, and often judged, but it doesn't make me someone who's siphoning off my husband. My contribution to the marriage is just as important.

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Do Some Of These 10 Little Things For The One You Love, And See The Magic Happen!

So you love someone. But that doesn't mean you need to make any grand gestures. Here are some little things you can do that speak of your love.

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A Letter To My Father-In-Law: From Doctor Uncle To Doctor Papa

On Father's Day, a daughter-in-law writes a poignant letter to her father-in-law who is no more. She misses her for being the father figure that he was. 

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