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I’m a blogger from Chennai. I believe that anything worth talking is worth writing, precisely the reason I blog. I love reading books and talking with like-minded people. I’m happy when I can eat, smile and laugh without being bothered by anything in the world.

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investing in happiness
3 Important Things I Learnt In My Late 20s About Ensuring My Own Happiness

As we grow older, we think of investing in finances, relationships, education... but why is investing in our own happiness not considered important?

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Dear Men – Here Are 5 Things You Can Start Doing This Women’s Day

Dear men, we need more from you than the basic minimum. Here are 5 ways we expect you to truly stand up for us, starting with listening to us and ditching this sexist whatsapp jokes.

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Find Yourself Thinking Of Things To Do And Unable To Sleep? Maybe This Could Help

The buzz in our heads about all the multitasking we do might keep us awake at nights. Maybe writing down all that needs to be done can help you unwind, as this author found out.

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Want To Achieve Your 2019 Goals? Start By Examining How 2018 Went For You

It’s that time of the year again. While some are frantically trying to recollect their goals for 2018, some others (like me) have given up on them and started planning for the next year. Well, aren’t we supposed to think about our future instead of dwelling on our past?

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Stop Waiting For The Perfect ‘Tomorrow’, The Best Time Is NOW

Don't wait for some other day to do what you really want to do. Be kind to yourself and don't fall for anyone guilt-tripping you. 

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favourite therapy
What’s Your Favourite Therapy? What Makes Your Inner World Peaceful Again?

When you feel stressed out, when your mind becomes chaotic? What do you do to destress and feel calm and relaxed? What's your favourite therapy?

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The Biased Workplaces That See Women As ‘Risky Investments’

We would expect educated people to know better, but the number of biased workplaces and managers that see women as 'risky investments' is astounding.

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18 year old self
7 Important Things I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self If I Could

Life is beginning at 18, and there are so many things we would like to have done differently, looking back. Here is what I would tell my 18 year old self.

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things I learnt in 2016
How The Things I Learnt In 2016 Are My Stepping Stones For 2017 And Ahead

There are a few things I learnt in 2016, depending upon which I have a list which I’d like to diligently follow in 2017 and in the years to come.

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The Art Of Small Talk, And How It Can Impact You At Work

Are you a pro at making small talk, or do you stare in silence when meeting new people? Here's how small talk could help your career.

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How To Choose A Book That You Might Like? Here’s One Woman’s Personal Experience

So, how to choose a book that you will certainly enjoy? There is always a book for everyone. You just need to find the one that fits your personality and tastes.

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Carpe Diem! Use Those Setbacks As Stepping Stones, Ladies!

From setbacks to stepping stones - that should be every woman's mantra. Whether at the workplace, or in personal life. Why waste your precious time?

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How Learning To Make To-Do Lists Made My Life Easier

To-do lists. They make life so much more easier - whether it is at home, or at work. So, are you a list maker too?

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On A Quest for Inspiration At Work, From Calvin And Hobbes!

Inspiration can be found in the unlikeliest of places. Here is some inspiration at work from Calvin and Hobbes, that will have you agreeing immediately!

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It Isn’t Too Late To Make A Career Change If You Believe In Your Tryst With Your Destiny

Feel stuck in a career that makes no sense to you? Believe in yourself and make a career change that could mean changing you destiny for the better.

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What I Learnt About A Better Life By Watching Zootopia

There are a few powerful life lessons that Zootopia can teach us - how to be a better person, and to be anyone you want to be!

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Women, Chuck Those Rules Society Has For You. It’s Your Life!

Our society has so many rules for women - else, suffer the consequences! What about the control of women on their own lives? 

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