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Arunima Kunwar

A mother of two, a special educator and a Montessori adult, I spend considerable amount of time working with children of all age groups. I love to indulge in art and writing during my stolen time. I hold my opinion for things and writing and art helps me express them

Voice of Arunima Kunwar

The Currency Ban Announced By The Prime Minister Is A Bold Step For The Post-Diwali Cleanup Of Laxmi

Laxmi was being worshipped everywhere during Diwali, but was this mostly black money? The currency ban will hopefully ensure that a cleaning up happens.

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Low Serotonin (The Happiness Hormone), A Result Of Living In A Fast Paced World

In today's fast paced day to day living, and our fight towards perfection, we unwittingly reduce the happiness hormone serotonin in our lives.

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Herald The Unsung Adishaktis, The Many Women In Our Society That We Ignore

Navaratri is here - a time to celebrate 'womanhood'. A time of celebration that fortifies and glorifies women power. But, do we fail to see the Shakti among some women?

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