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Aruna Chakraborty

I love literature, studied engineering, and work as a Statistical Programmer in the Pharma domain. I love talking, and writing is a means of sharing my observations about the mundane. My motto - Truth, however bitter ...must be told!

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Caregivers In Indian Families. Does Anyone Care About Them?

Women are the default caregivers in a family. The role can be physically, emotionally and financially draining, but does anyone care?

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How Do Families Shape Who We Are : Here’s A Take

Our families have always been our biggest influence. In this post, the writer talks of ways how do families shape who we are.

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Single (Again) In A New City And Enjoying It

A woman writes why you should enjoy your me time, when out in a new city on your own.

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Studying After A Long Break? 4 Tips To Managing Academics Again

We wonder sometimes, "Can I get back to studying?" The answer is yes. 4 actionable tips for those studying after a long break.

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Signs Of Marital Status: Why Are They Mandatory For Women?

Varied cultures seek to display marital status as per their traditions, be it a ring or a mangalsutra. This article asks - does tradition need a closer look now?

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