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flying with a baby
10 Simple Hacks That Made Long Haul Flights With My Baby Easier On Us

Every experience teaches you, what to do or what not to do. Travelling or flying with a baby is not at all easy but if you plan ahead, are prepared, and are calm yourself it is not at all difficult.

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post pregnancy
Every New Mom Who Has Hated Her Post-Baby Body, Like Me, Should Read This

The mirror had always shown me a confident, strong, and beautiful woman, but post pregnancy, I did not like what I saw. But then I thought about what this body had just achieved...

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4 Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Woman

Every woman's pregnancy is different, and a unique experience. There is no need for others to give their gyaan and scare her. Let the woman, her partner, and her doctor handle it all.

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donating breast milk
Donate Breast Milk If You Have Excess: Every Drop Of This Liquid Gold Counts

If you are a pregnant woman or lactating mother, think of donating breast milk if you have excess - it could save some baby's life.

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gestational diabetes
Check: 10 Action Points To Manage The Risk Of Diabetes During Pregnancy

If you have a family history of diabetes, have high sugar levels or an impaired GTT during pregnancy, you could be at risk of gestational diabetes. Here is how you can manage it well.

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expressing milk
I Can’t Breastfeed, As My Baby Won’t Latch On. Here’s What I Did So She Got Breast Milk

My baby is unable to latch on for breastfeeding, so I had to feed her by expressing milk. This was exhausting and stressful, but dealing with the guilt helped me to be a more relaxed mother.

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The 5 Point Plan That Helped Me Sail Through My Plus Size Pregnancy

A plus size pregnancy attracts plenty of naysayers; here's a positive story of a plus sized woman who took charge of her body in the way it suited her. 

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