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Aparna Aggarwal

A bibliophile and a traveller, I am a marketeer by profession. While marketing in the financial services industry for the last 4 years, there was an awakening of a passion for personal finance. I now moonlight as a Certified Financial Planner and a Personal Finance blogger.

Voice of Aparna Aggarwal

financial feminism
Are We Ready For Financial Feminism In India? And What Does It Really Mean For Us?

Financial Feminism is the key to real change - here is a lucid explanation of how Indian women can go about achieving it. Find out.

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misconceptions about handling money
Discard These 9 Excuses Many Women Give To Sidestep Active Involvement In Financial Investment

Women often feel that they do not have a head for numbers. This is just social conditioning, and it is time these misconceptions about handling money were discarded.

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