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Aparna Mathur

Aparna Mathur is a leadership coach and facilitator. She has over 23 years of diverse experience in sales, project management and consultancy. She has worked with small and large organizations such as Times of India, Schindler, iDiscoveri Education, Prerna Centre of Learning. She believes that the spirit of self-enquiry is at the heart of leading a fulfilling life. Her philosophy guides her work in the 3 domains of her life-women leadership, promoting active citizenship and youth empowerment. She can be reached on aparna94@gmail.com

Voice of Aparna Mathur

emotional support
Transitions Are Testing Times; 5 Things You Can Do For The Essential Emotional Support

Change is the only constant, but as human beings, change can stress us out. At such times, we need to have our reservoir of strength well built. Are we taking enough emotional support?

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Leading Holistically: What It Means And Why It’s So Critical For Women

A McKinsey study reveals that while women hold high aspiration of professional growth for themselves, only 58% actually believe they will get there. Contrast this to the 76% men who believe they will make it to the top. There is a wide gap between our self-belief and our desire for excellence and achievement.

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