Aparna Mathur

Aparna is a leadership coach and facilitator with over 25 years of cross-functional work experience. She brings with her diverse experience of sales, consulting and facilitation of personal transformation. She has worked with organizations such as the Times of India, Schindler, iDiscoveri, the Prerna Centre of Learning and Canon India. She has extensive experience in conducting leadership workshops, executive coaching, and competency-based assessment centers. Her programs are informed by Eastern wisdom tradition practices such as mindfulness, positive affirmation, meditation and western psychological frameworks such as Ontology and Appreciative Inquiry. Her familiarity with psychometric tools such as Firo B, Hogan, Influence Style Indicator and 360-degree feedback reports facilitate meaningful coaching conversations. Aparna is an ICF certified coach and a mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women where she has been mentoring women entrepreneurs from across the globe. At DEEP Foundation, an education initiative for children from underprivileged backgrounds, Aparna conducts workshops on life skills. She is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and has participated in stage shows in India and abroad. Additionally, she conducts workshops on active citizenship through an NGO, We the People ( www.wethepeople.ooo) With a passion for creative writing, she blogs on leadership, dance and life on https://wwwalyona.blogspot.com/ Aparna is a graduate in psychology and a postgraduate in marketing.

Voice of Aparna Mathur

Why I Decided To Give Marriage & Life A Second Chance After Meeting Mr Right 4 Yrs Ago!

Everyone deserves a second chance. Sometimes we are too harsh on ourselves, but let's back up and give our life a rest and an another chance.

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Kill Your Self Doubt, The Enemy That Sabotages Women At Work

Almost always, the single factor that comes in the way of women pursuing a lofty aspiration is self-doubt.

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Dear Women, Stop Sacrificing Your Dreams & Put Yourselves Centre-Stage!

Steeped in deep conditioning many women sacrifice their dreams & self-care. This leads to physical & mental exhaustion, regret of dashed dreams & loss of her unique identity.

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A Deck Of Cards Made Me Reflect Deeply On Aspects Of Life With The Magical Power Of Deep Conversations

I introduced them to a ‘Confessions Game’- a deck of cards on money, relationships, family, and career. But I was pleasantly surprised to see how it appealed equally to a 50 and a 17-year-old.

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emotional support
Transitions Are Testing Times; 5 Things You Can Do For The Essential Emotional Support

Change is the only constant, but as human beings, change can stress us out. At such times, we need to have our reservoir of strength well built. Are we taking enough emotional support?

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Leading Holistically: What It Means And Why It’s So Critical For Women

A McKinsey study reveals that while women hold high aspiration of professional growth for themselves, only 58% actually believe they will get there. Contrast this to the 76% men who believe they will make it to the top. There is a wide gap between our self-belief and our desire for excellence and achievement.

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