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Book Review: A Long Way Home By Mitali Meelan

'A Long Way Home' by Mitali Meelan is a book which sensitively portrays the tussle between family, siblings and their dreams.

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Tanjore: The Temple Town

Tanjore is a place which is rich in culture and history. The author narrates a memorable trip to the beautiful temple city.

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The Many Benefits Of Amla

Amla (Indian Gosseberry) has multiple benefits. Read on to know the various benefits of amla.

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4 Important Steps To Raise Well-Rounded Kids

The author enumerates some important traits that parents ought to inculcate in children so as to make them well-rounded and responsible individuals.

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Robin Sharma’s ‘The Mastery Manual’ Is A Life Changing Guide

Leadership Guru and Best-selling author Robin Sharma's book ,'The Mastery Manual' is a life changing guide for personal and professional greatness, says Anuradha in this review.

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7 Things To Remember When Doing Grocery Shopping

Here is a comprehensive list which guides us how to buy food products smartly.

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Book Review Of “Change Me” BY Jasmin Waldmann

'Change Me' by International Life coach Jasmin Waldmann is a self-help book in the health/wellness category.

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A Team Of Six Girls In Tarini

The supplement Edex of the English daily New Indian Express, carried an article on INSV Tarini on July 30th 2018. It spoke about how a team of six girls went around the globe in 254 days.

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Quick Tricks To Fill Your Hunger

Most of us consume three square meals every day, but at times hunger strikes in at unwanted intervals, because of incomplete meals or fasting or skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner. Quick foods or ready to eat foods are the best bet at this time of hunger.

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प्यार का धागा

भारत देश में त्योहारों की कोई कमी नही है।  साल के बाहर महिनों में लगभग दस महिनों में त्योहार का माहोल बना रहता है।

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Great Indian Teaching System

This teacher's day here is a look back into the old Indian system of education and how things have changed now. 

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National Sports Day: How To Make It Special

In India August 29th every year is celebrated as National Sports day and is the birthday of Major Dhyan Chand Singh who is the captain of Hockey team which won gold in Olympics.

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A Glance At The Rise Of Women Novelists

Women have contributed a lot to the world of Literature. Among them are few who have brought special focus on to writing novels and have became first woman novelists.

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 Look Up To The Leaning Marvel Of Italy

Italy is a beautiful country in the continent of Europe and home to two world wonders. The Leaning tower of Pisa is situated in the city of Pisa in central Italy. This architectural masterpiece dates back to Middle Ages.

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How To Be Best Friends For Ever…

Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in the month of August. Wishing all of you today on this occasion!

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Consider These While Buying Children’s Books

Encouraging the importance of books in a child's life has immense benefits. Here's how to go about it in a practical manner. 

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