Anupreeta Chatterjee

I pursued my post graduation in Women's Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad. I am a passionate poet and have published my poems in Ink Drift magazine. I am a gender specialist and also a nature lover who loves literature.

Voice of Anupreeta Chatterjee

We Need To Find Durga Within Ourselves

Viewing Durga from the lens of feminine consciousness recreates a discourse which respects women's willpower to fight against difficult situations without seeking help from men.

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Menstrual Health And Hygiene Awareness In India

Menstruation is a natural process but stereotypes around menstruation underestimates  woman's power to reproduce and often, their abilities are questioned when they are on periods.

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Don’t Rob My Soul

As women, we deserve pure love. As men, you need to realize this and for us to thrive.

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When Sexual Harassment At Work Is A Tool To Curtail Women Rising…

Sexual harassment at work cannot be viewed in isolation; this and other injustices faced by women are tools of patriarchy to prevent women rising 'too high'.

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We Have Laws Against Street Harassment In India, But Are They Being Implemented As They Should?

What is the use of our laws against street harassment if we do not ensure that the stalker is punished, but instead shame the victim?

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Why A Marriage Might Be The Biggest Roadblock In A Woman’s Life

Married life could be the biggest stressor in a woman's life, causing more harm than good, sociologically speaking.

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