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Oneday, someday I'll be free. Oneday, someday I'll be me ..............I love to write because writing is a saviour of my bipolar soul. My first piece was my first letter to god some twenty three years back. There were also times when i needed someone to share my feelings with. A pen and a piece of paper have always proved their worth in my life. They have always come to my rescue. They have known me more than anyone has..or will do .They are my best buds! I believe writing is like Scientific researches engaged, truly and immensely enjoys the freedom of thought ..We need this a good piece of writing can change mind, ignite thought process and make this world a better place to live in. And yes, other than writing i like to think and dream.

Voice of Angies Bipolar World

Dearest Nannah, Will You Be My Valentine? From Your Grand-Daughter [#ThisThingCalledLove]

Does Valentine's Day always have to be about romantic love? A beautiful letter from a grown-up grand-daughter to her 85 year old grandmother.

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