An avid learner & seeker of knowledge.My area of interest lies in observing national policies, their implementation as well as impact on the society & women in particular. I’m passionate about writing, voicing my opinion & I’m an equally passionate advocate of women’s rights. A keen observer of social happenings, I write about life, its experiences & believe that sharing experiences are one of the best ways of generating awareness. As far as my academic career is concerned I did History Honours , Masters in Modern Indian History , M.Phil from Delhi University. I have also taught at the undergraduate level in the University of Delhi. Study of Gender & Society & colonial policies form an area of interest for me. I believe that there is no greater power than the power of knowledge & hence I wish to learn as much as I can in my lifespan.

Voice of ananta-nandini

Anissia Batra: One More Precious Life Lost To Dowry

Anissia Batra was allegedly harassed by her husband and in-laws over dowry, leading her to end her life. How long will the precious lives of our young women be sacrificed in this manner?

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destitute woman
Faced With The Plight Of A Destitute Woman, This Is What I Did

A chance encounter with a destitute woman makes the author question - what happens to their children? How can they find some safety and security?

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a few women achievers
Are A Few Avani Chaturvedis Enough To Make Us Feel The Job Of Women Empowerment Is Done?

The recent past has given us enough reasons to feel proud about a few women achievers. As we gear up for International Women's Day 2018 tomorrow, should we be complacent?

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women and violence
Where There Is No Violence Against Women, Into That Heaven Of Freedom, Let Our Country Awake!

In India, the words women and violence are so closely interlinked, that we might need to make a superhuman effort to better the condition of our women.

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Nirbhaya: You United The Women Of This Country Like Never Before

More than 4 years later, the women of this country continue to remember one young woman whose death galvanised public feeling against those who attack women - confine them indoors.

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role models
Role Models Don’t Always Have To Be Great Women – My Cook Inspires Me By Her Tenacity In Handling Life

While we look up to inspirational women and make them our role models, some of these women could be nearer home. My cook, for example.

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The Recent Maternity Benefit Amendment Is Great, But Needs A Lot More Work!

While the recent Maternity Benefit Amendment is great, there is a lot more to be done, especially when it comes to working women in the unorganised sector. Here are some suggestions.

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The Recent Female Foeticide Racket Discovered Is Shocking? Not Really

The recent discovery of a female foeticide racket in Maharashtra is only the tip of the iceberg; it only reflects our contempt for the girl child.

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