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A State Torn Apart By Politics… Now Jammu & Kashmir Needs Justice

Kashmiris need justice and the more we deny them that, the more they will drift away from us.

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Women Are Still Shamed For Several Things: Is The Male Gaze To Blame?

Being a woman in India is still not the easiest task. We need to think before deciding what to wear, do or say. Do we ourselves think from the male perspective?

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“I Am A Person, Not A Number”, Do Not Judge Me!

Numbers will come and go like anything else but who you are as a person matters more than anything else. ⁣

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‘Happy Marriages’ In India That Factor In Some Marital Rape Too

While being 'happily married' is a concept we are familiar with, no one really talks about marital rape. Isn't that an important aspect of marriage too?

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Whether You Are For Or Against Removing Article 370, The Consequences Are Going To Be Challenging

Some us are cheering the removal of Article 370, while others are against it. The author says we will all have to live with the weighty consequences of the decision.

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8 Things It Says About Our Society When Misogyny Can Help You Earn Crores

Since when has 'true love' begun to mean you can push your loved one and torture them or keep them captive? Shame on Kabir Singh's makers.

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Ask Yourself 7 Questions If You Were Angry When The Indian Team Lost The World Cup Semis

Support someone unconditionally or don't support them at all - something that should be told to all 'fans' who vilified members of teams who lost in the cricket World Cup 2019.

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