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Female Doc Attacked Inside Her Hostel: Tell Us Again Where Women Are Safe?

An intruder broke into the girl's hostel of Gandhi Medical College in Bhopal and robbed and molested a student, and despite complaints, the authorities and police were slow to act, even blaming the victim for this.

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Even As A ‘Liberal’ Indian Man, My Journey To Become A Relatively ‘Woke’ Feminist Was Not Easy

A young man who identified as 'liberal' found out as he was called out, that he was actually more sexist than he thought. And then followed the journey of waking up to being a real feminist.

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Trust Yourself For Your Decisions…Take your time

It is important to trust yourself and take all the time you want to make an informed choice and not let outside pressure dictate your life.⁣

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Please Lift The Curfew Imposed On Kashmir

I wish there was some way that to justify this madness but there isn't. There is simply no pretext on which our Government could have let this happen to its own people.

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Was NRC In Assam An Exercise In Futility?

Couldn't the State have spent at least some of this money to seal the international borders all those years ago? What had stopped them from doing so?

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Fit India
A ‘Fit India’, Yes. But What About These 6 Ways We’re Still Mentally & Emotionally ‘Unfit’?

Intolerance to anyone perceived as the 'other' is growing by the day in our country. Are we really a 'fit nation' in these terms, if our emotional and metal fitness is questionable?

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The Caste System: Will We Ever Bridge The Gap?

Even after more than 70 years of independence, we still have a divide between the upper-castes and lower-castes. Why is there still the divide and will we ever go beyond it?

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dowry system
Ask Yourself What Is More Important – Dowry, Or Your Self-Respect

Despite awareness that demonises dowry and almost 60 years of now having an anti-dowry law, this tradition is still followed in very creative ways.

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Why I Choose Being Real Over Being Glamorous?

Can we really carry on living this spiced up lie for a long time? ⁣Will we be truly happy with who we are?⁣

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You Don’t Need To Change A Thing About People Who Keep Doubting You

Accept them for who they are which will allow you to ignore their opinions.

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A Hug That Healed The Wounds Of An Entire Nation

That hug sent a message that Mr Sivan need not be so harsh on himself.

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Nirmala Sitharaman Has The Opportunity Of Her Lifetime. Will She Seize It?

Given the poor state of the economy at the moment, if Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman manages to do a turnaround, she could see her career graph zoom up!

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Was Batla House An Exercise In Propaganda?

It is very hard to believe that any layperson in this country has the power to even attempt to misbehave with the police forces and face no consequence at all.

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Pragya Singh Thakur
The Curious Case Of Pragya Singh Thakur – How Does She Do This?

BJP member of Lok Sabha Pragya Singh Thakur, out on bail as a terror accused, has made a statement about 'marak shakti' (evil forces) killing off BJP bigwigs! How does she get away with all this?

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Manual Scavenging Won’t End Because No One Treats These Workers As Humans

Media doesn't care about them. Neither do we (at least most of us). But we want them to stay in those gutters. Or else our cities will be floating with the sewage water.⁣

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A State Torn Apart By Politics… Now Jammu & Kashmir Needs Justice

Kashmiris need justice and the more we deny them that, the more they will drift away from us.

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Women Are Still Shamed For Several Things: Is The Male Gaze To Blame?

Being a woman in India is still not the easiest task. We need to think before deciding what to wear, do or say. Do we ourselves think from the male perspective?

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“I Am A Person, Not A Number”, Do Not Judge Me!

Numbers will come and go like anything else but who you are as a person matters more than anything else. ⁣

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‘Happy Marriages’ In India That Factor In Some Marital Rape Too

While being 'happily married' is a concept we are familiar with, no one really talks about marital rape. Isn't that an important aspect of marriage too?

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Whether You Are For Or Against Removing Article 370, The Consequences Are Going To Be Challenging

Some us are cheering the removal of Article 370, while others are against it. The author says we will all have to live with the weighty consequences of the decision.

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8 Things It Says About Our Society When Misogyny Can Help You Earn Crores

Since when has 'true love' begun to mean you can push your loved one and torture them or keep them captive? Shame on Kabir Singh's makers.

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Ask Yourself 7 Questions If You Were Angry When The Indian Team Lost The World Cup Semis

Support someone unconditionally or don't support them at all - something that should be told to all 'fans' who vilified members of teams who lost in the cricket World Cup 2019.

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